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Simon Heather

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"The sky and its stars
make music in you."

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Emotional Healing

Connecting with our Wise Ancestors - Healing Ancestral Karma

We are all aware that illnesses are inherited from our parents via our genetic code. Deep-seated mental and emotional patterns have also been passed down to us from our ancestors through our DNA.

Our genes hold all the survival fears, guilt, rage and sadness of our forefathers. This workshop will focus on how we can heal these patterns for ourselves and others.

The workshop will help you to find out what negative patterns you have inherited from your ancestors. You will learn how these can be healed. You will find out how to create new positive patterns for yourself.

Modern society has forgotten the importance of the ancestors and healing the past. Traditional cultures all emphasise respect for the ancestors.

When you connect with your wise ancestors they will share their wisdom with you. Your wise ancestors wish to pass this knowledge down to you. You will find out how you can use their wisdom and skills to help yourself and others.

The practises you will learn on this workshop will allow your wise ancestors to assist you in healing and self-empowerment.

Emotional Healing


Saturday 16th June - Sunday 17th June 2018

TIMES - 10am - 5pm

VENUE - Southam Village Hall, School Lane, Southam, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3NS

COST - £175

To book your place on the course please send a £50 deposit to Simon Heather

For more details please contact Simon on 01242 230 904

Emotional Healing
Emotional Healing
Emotional Healing

JANE - “Thank you SO much for such an amazing weekend, I am enjoying digesting all that happened.”

HEATHER - “Amazing, insightful, thought provoking and yes, it changed my thoughts and feelings about my ancestral heritage totally, as it made me realise how important my ancestors are in my present life and how they have shaped me to become the person I now am in many ways.”

HEATHER - “Many thanks for the workshop, it was very inspiring and informative and a re-affirmation of my beliefs. The group felt lovely and very relaxed.”

Emotional Healing

LAURELLE - “The workshop was not only excellent but also enjoyable. Simon has the rare ability to present an extremely complex topic in an easy to understand format. He does not over burden the intellect with unnecessary information but finds a way through the material to transform it into something practical, usable and helpful.”

“The workshop has enabled me to help uncover and then clear clients’ issues which don’t appear to be their own but which they carry around with them in their unconscious minds and which sabotage their personal growth.”

Emotional Healing

NICOLL  - “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the weekend! I am feeling much stronger and calmer. It’s like the doors have opened and work is flowing in!”

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