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"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."   Berthold Auerbach

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Sue from Derbyshire

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I was glad to hear someone else using a direct no nonsense approach to the chakra system as it all made absolute sense to me relating to my own personal experience.”

Nila from Derbyshire

“It was a very meaningful and powerful weekend for me. Some very subtle and deep healing going on. Thank you for sharing such wisdom!”

Nicky from Shropshire

“Thank you so much for another amazing weekend full of wonderful knowledge and skills and beautiful energy. Thank you so much for enabling all this to happen and for holding the energy in such an amazing way. I also realise how much I have to thank you for Simon. You have taught me more skills and shown me how to work with clients more than any other teacher I have ever had. Thank you so much for an amazing set of tools that any healer would be proud to have.”

Lisa from the Forest of Dean

“Great weekend, feeling inspired again.”

Chris from Shetland

“My dear Simon - thank you - I can not say how much your sound healing workshop has helped me in these past few weeks - I am indebted to you. Thank you.”

Petra from Sussex

“Thank you for the nurturing and positive environment you held for us all.”

Blu from Lincolnshire

“Thank you so much for a most enjoyable and inspiring weekend. Many thanks also for the beautiful healing you carried out on me. It felt very deep and empowering. I feel more peaceful in my soul, with an inner confidence that the right things will happen for the highest good of all.”

Eve from Peru

“Thank you, Simon. I am feeling very good after both the workshop and the session afterwards - more connected and aware of the energy within and around me.”

Angela from Solihull Cancer Support Group

“We certainly enjoyed having you at our Group and be enlightened about sound healing which is an entirely new subject to most of us there. We also love to learn new things and it was fascinating to know that cancer cells vibrate at a different frequency to healthy cells and that a cat's purring is a form of healing.”

Amy from Shetland

“I feel you have been a huge influence and inspiration to my songs and singing, and my life and well being, for which I am very grateful. Thank you very, very much.”


“I attended two classes at BWY Congress and found them both inspiring and practical!”


“Your workshop was a turning point in my life and I tell all sorts of people about it.”

Ruth's e-mail

“I attended a two day workshop of yours on sound healing in Birmingham. The memory of that weekend has remained with me as one of the single most inspirational events on my spiritual search.”

Bernie's email re Healing Power of Sound Workshop:

“As a definitely not 'sandals and candles' type of person, yet one who is open to different types of experience through Spice, I went along to this workshop with a fairly open mind.”

“I'm really glad I booked the event and very much enjoyed it. Very relaxing and focusing; so much so that I can easily believe it would promote healing. I don't know if we were a 'better' than average group, but good vibes and a supportive atmosphere were very much in evidence. I would certainly do the event again.”

Mary from Ireland:

“Thanks so very much for the workshop at the week-end, its after-effects I am still experiencing and hopefully will be for a long time to come. No word can describe how powerful it was and it was only when I returned home I fully realised this.”

“Your book is fantastic. I would so love maybe in time when I have done more work on myself to work in this area. I am back doing a teachers diploma in the violin after years of not playing. I have no intention of teaching it and I really do not know where this is fully leading me.”

“Are there any courses on this in Ireland? Will you be returning to us? It all seems to make so much sense. I work as a practice nurse and medication fails so badly so often, a combination of all would be fantastic. Let me know of anything you know of in this area. Thanks you for the start on a great road of healing through music/voice.”

Email from Elaine in Ireland:

“It was my pleasure to do your workshop last weekend. I've had a wonderful week. I've been trying to convince the team I row with, to use our Chi energy to skim the boat across the water! I'll introduce sounds next week.”

“Dee and I went to the beach on Tuesday evening and were doing some of the chanting at the seashore. It was a magnificent sunset with the beautiful nearly full moon rising above the mountain directly opposite. Thanks for bringing me into that beautiful connected space.”

“I am delighted you like the space so much and it would be wonderful to have you back again. I'm sure with the feedback from this workshop that we could have another of the same in the autumn if that fitted your schedule. Looking forward to seeing you here again.”

Carol's email:

“Thank you so much Simon for the wonderful evening at the Birmingham Yes Group yesterday I feel quite renewed. Your sound techniques just connected me back to everything that I'd lost touch with. I am indeed an irresistible dynamo of Joy !!!!”

Gerri from Surrey:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course the course at Runnings Park in June. I found it very much an opportunity for experiential learning and great to try such a number of chanting and sound techniques. It seemed a rare treat to have the opportunity for such long meditations over a couple of days. Anyway, thanks once again and good luck with your future work.”

Janet from Monmouth:

“Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday at Coleford. I enjoyed it immensely. You obviously love what you do, which made me feel enthusiastic. Thank you.”

Giulia from Hull:

“It has been really nice meeting you at the British Wheel of Yoga congress. I enjoyed your workshops very much, and I believe I wasn't the only one. I feel you have been able to answer some question regarding the approach of sound in healing that I had in my heart for quite a while.”

“I will come to some more workshops in the future, because I believe in the effectiveness of your practise. I love your direct approach, I find it very in tune with nature, and therefore particularly close and spontaneous (although it may have required you so many years of research and travelling).”

Sandi from the British Wheel of Yoga:

“On behalf of the British Wheel of Yoga, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the valuable contribution your sessions made to the overall success of this year's event.”

“I received many uplifting comments and do hope that you were able to feel part of the wonderful energy and joy generated by so many.”

Jane's email:

“First of all I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your workshop at Claridge House which was not only enjoyable but also convinced me of the benefits of sound healing. You may recall that you have me a healing session on the Sunday morning and I am delighted to say that the pain in my hip which was giving me so much trouble has not reappeared.”

Comments from "The Healing Power of Sound" Course at Claridge House, Surrey:

Anne - "Fantastic knowledge, sweet and powerful chanting and meditation. Amazing grace. Good fun.

Jill - "A fantastic weekend, please get Simon back for parts I & II !”

Sonya - "Inspirational. Feeling that a 'band of angels coming after me'.”

Lesley - "Thank you Simon! I especially enjoyed the chakra meditation.”

Jean - "Many thanks. It has given me plenty to think about. I will sing every day. Promise.”

Dave - "Thank you very much for my healing session. I feel I have learnt a lot.”


Liz from Yorkshire

“ I have been inspired by the weekend and actually started my homework straight away. I been doing the Chi Gong exercises and Sounds of the Chakras everyday.”

Marion from Powys

“Thank you so much Simon for being the magician who has brought sound, singing and music into my life and opened up so many new doors. I am so grateful. Ho!”

Nicky from Shropshire

“Thanks for last weekend. It was a very profound experience for me and even more meaningful than the time before. I was amazed at how deep I was able to go with those sounds and how wonderful I felt afterwards.  It is so lovely to feel supported energetically in a workshop.”

Sue from Denbighshire

“Thank you so very much for an enjoyable weekend, we were all so fortunate to have the benefit of all your experience and knowledge. You have certainly put a light onto my pathway and I am eternally grateful.”

Orla from Powys

“Many thanks for these and for another magical weekend! So loving the further deepening of discovery of sound healing! Thank you so so much for enabling the continuation of absorption of it! What a blessing!”

Linda from Sussex

“Many, many thanks for the wonderful week end of sound healing. I so appreciate your expertise and experience and humble, warm, focussed and also humorous way of presenting. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the toning and sound bath.”

Sarah from London

“I just wanted to thank you so much for a fascinating and inspiring course. I loved your very thoughtful and heart-based teaching style. The experience I am sure will resonate within me for a long time.”

Sue from Stafford

“I can’t begin to put into words what its all meant to me. All the words that were said to me I do feel where meant to be, I’ve got a tremendous lot from them, from being with you all and the wonderful sound healing we gave each other.”

Guisi from Devon

“What a beautiful journey with sound I started with you. Sound healing has become such an integral part of my life. I cannot imagine a life without it. The practice of sound meditation, singing and chanting, listening to harmonic singing  and haunting, has now developed into a daily activity and I'm amazed  by the many different effects this is having on the physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual levels bringing consciousness to all  dimension of consciousness. The continuos work on my self is being very rewarding, giving more opening and reality to my feelings, sharpening my intuition. I feel more centred and grounded and I'm becoming a more loving and compassionate person, more tolerant and understanding. We can create great changes with the power of our voice."

Ruth from Shropshire:

“A big thank-you for such a wonderful two days. I know I received much benefit from them. I enclose a cheque for the Sacred Chants CD. Many thanks and I hope to be on a Part 2 whenever.”

Ray & Margaret from Shrewsbury:

“It was a most amazing and enlightening evening. Thank you so much.”

Email from Jo:

“I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop. It was lovely to have a space to 'just be'.. The energy you bring in is lovely.”

Email from Heather:

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend workshop at Stourbridge. I have been doing the sound meditation every day since I arrived home. I am pleased to tell you that I can feel my energies shifting while I am meditating and also the affects of it for some time after. Thanks very much. I can't wait for Part 2 in January.”

Beccy: from Oswestry:

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend. I am so excited to be finally finding my voiceI thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Rebecca from Ontario, Canada:

“I took your level 1 class at Langara College in October 2001 and bumped into you on the ferry ride to Victoria some time later. I have been reading your books and others! And hope to further my studies in one form or another.”

“I also wanted to tell you how much the weekend I attended your workshop had a positive impact on my life. I thank you for sharing your knowledge in all sincerity.”

Email from Debbie at Claridge House, Surrey:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend course which everybody thoroughly enjoyed. There was a lovely, relaxed and friendly atmosphere throughout the weekend because of your leadership. Usually I send a letter of thanks to course tutors but I am not sure to which address to send it so thought email would be safer. Enjoy Canada this summer and I look forward to meeting you again in November”

Moth from Wales:

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop at Claridge House. It was really good to meet you. I found your presence and personality uplifting and reassuring. Good luck with your future life moves. Please send me your book 'God Am I. The Journey to Self Realisation' and your 'Sacred Chants' CD and booklet.”

Yves from Victoria, Canada:

“I was glad that our paths met. I want to thank you for all the positive work you did in Victoria. Your teaching has tremendously changed my life, for the better. I am doing more and more sound healing and find it the most rewarding work I have ever done (although I have never charged anyone yet!)”

“I know you have a very busy schedule but I would like to ask you to review my enclosed practicum so you can tell to release my certificate as soon as possible, for I want to dedicate myself full time to the practice of sound healing. I hope we will meet again.”

Email from Juliet:

“Thank you for a lovely healing welcoming weekend last week. Since the Soul Retrieval I feel that a part of me has been returned to me. So thank you for helping me feel that I do come from a holy place, instead of wanting that but feeling an inconceivable missing within.”

“And thank you too for the love and sharing we have when we are together, for our beautiful voices and the togetherness of the chants and dances. I followed my intuitive guidance and suggested the Dances of Universal Peace to an old friend. So thank you also for boosting my confidence in my Self.”

Email from Matti in Victoria, Canada:

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend playshop (I am loathe to call it a workshop as it felt so much like play) on Dec 1 and 2 in Victoria. The weekend has made a tremendous difference in my life. Most notably, my heart staying open for longer stretches and I am more open to feeling when it is not open. This is great progress!”

“It has really made me much more conscious of the part that sound plays in my life. I am now doing joyous daily exercises with my voice and choosing the music on my CD player and cassette deck with much greater care. Both of these actions are paying (sound) dividends daily.”

“Also, I am meeting a higher quality of prospective client in my consulting practice. Not only are they qualified economically for my services but I tend to end up in 2 hour conversations about life, healing and spirituality over the phone with kindred spirits when the purported purpose of the call was to discuss business.”

“I have found that I am allowing myself to relax more and not worry so much about projecting my voice. In doing so, I find much more depth and emotion and a quality of calmness and peace in my voice and being. This also feels the same with my business and personal spiritual journeys.”

“The skin condition I have been challenged with for a decade and a half has not needed the regular doses of the herbal remedy I have been giving it. Some deep underlying cause has started to heal. I am more open to my wife and to loving her more and, in being open to the hurt of my heart closing down when it does, I am able to persevere in my voice and other exercises to open it again sooner, rather than wallowing in self pity and pain for extended periods.”

“My hat is off to you Simon. You are doing wonderful work. I am enjoying the book and tape and CD also. I look forward to level 2 eagerly.”

Email from Richie and Gabriela in Perth, Australia:

“We want to thank you again for your wonderful workshop. We really enjoyed it. You know what, we have stopped smoking on the Chinese New Year. YipiieehhhCould you please let us know the title of the book you were mentioning about the Shaman. Thanks a lot.”

Email from Ursula in Oswestry:

“Thanks again for the lovely weekend. I haven't had such a good weekend for a long time. It felt like one of the retreats I used to go when my Buddhist teacher did come to Europe. When she stopped coming to Europe I lost touch with the spiritual world. I know, now is the time to reconnect.

I went round the hill again this morning singing and will do the Chakra meditation as soon as there is peace in the house. Sound healing feels very good and I wish to be healed by it. I am very grateful for any advice/guidance/help and look forward to hear from you.”

Gillian's email:

“I'm just writing to say how much I enjoyed your sound healing workshop last weekend. The pain from my Crohns disease has disappeared although I have come out with a thick cold. I wonder if you could email me the words you use before and after treating someone regarding being a channel for the person's healing. I didn't write them down at the time as I thought I would remember them! Thank you.”

Christine from Shropshire:

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought I was coming for one thing and as usual something better came out of it. as I've started to instinctively use sound in my healing methods, I am looking forward to gaining more insights into how it all works.”

Lana's email from Canada:

“We did our Earth Medicine unit last week, and I presented sound healing to the class. It was a re-sounding success! They loved all the material. I also made a streaming audio file of a warm up, some toning, and chanting OM, that they could listen to and participate in. Then we had them go out into nature and do a ritual to connect with the land, including toning OM to connect with the messages and truth in nature.”

“I'm so thankful to you for making this material available. It was good for me to spend some time with your work again, and has given me a renewed appreciation for the healing power of mantra and the voice. One of the students would like to order your "Sounds of the Chakras" CD. She lives in Michigan and would like to use your CD for a healing workshop she is facilitating there this summer.”

Rosella from London:

“I think I am turning into a sound junkie! It's way up there with Green & Blacks. I love the CD, I tend to be - why do today what can be done tomorrow, but after chanting suddenly things get done, if I suddenly start organising things I will have a severe identity crisis!”

“Amazingly I have done 12 sessions I seem to have 3 people who are keen for regular sessions, I find it very exciting and my energy is very good afterwards, never tired or drained, it seems to take me into a deeper focus than my regular healing does.”

"Sometimes its as if the notes want to go deep inside whereas as a singer I would want to sing out, sometimes I feel the notes circling. So thank you for a wonderful weekend.”



“I have been reading an extract from your book about the Chakras. I feel the Solar Plexus chakra excerpt had been specifically written for me! There is much to do. Best wishes and thank you.”

Rebecca from the Forest of Dean

“I look forward to re reading your guide to chakras (a friend lent it to me last year to read on holiday) and it was the most informative beautifully written book I have ever came across on chakras so look forward to reading again!”

Barbara from Australia

“I enjoyed your book IMMENSELY. Particularly liked the chapter on the different modes (very helpful to have this explained in a therapeutic context). I look forward to staying in touch."

Su from Colorado, USA:

“I just finished your e-book over the weekend. I've worked in energy and music for many years but was looking for some fresh input. I love that your book provides your info plus little summaries of so much more. Very helpful and energizing to what I'm planning to do. Thanks so much.”

Rose from Devon:

“A friend of mine lent me your book The Healing Power of Sound and I love it. Having found more information out about your work on the net I would now like to order.”

David from Nottingham:

“I enjoy and appreciate your work. I picked up your books in the Spiritual Healing Centre in Coleford and from what I've read so far find them excellent. I also picked up your chants CD there which I haven't heard properly yet.... so I thought I'd go for gold and make an entire Simon Heather collection and order from you and get tuned up for Rainbow Super Spirit where you get to do quite a bit of chanting!”

Andrew from Lincolnshire:

“I recently was lent a copy of your excellent book 'The Healing Power of Sound' and was greatly impressed with its content and the research put into it. Please could you send me a copy.”

Dominique from Hertfordshire:

“I have lent 'Reclaiming your Sacred Spirit' to a friend who's very impressed. Said she was gonna get a look at your web site. Please find enclosed a postal order for a book and tape.”

Betty from Kent:

“Your books are full of so much wisdom. I look forward to meeting you next month at Claridge House.”

Mary from Cumbria:

“Very many thanks for sending me a copy of your book so promptly. It was good to have a copy of your book to show folks and I also noticed one or two people take down particulars about your workshops and training sessions.”

“Your book is most impressive - I shall take it to show my friend tomorrow. It's so well constructed and clear and though so far I've only had time to 'dip' it did keep me up for one extra hour on Friday night! It feels so 'genuine'! Thank you for writing it for all of us and for my copy.”


Marion from Staffordshire

“I love your work Simon and often enjoy your CDs which I bought at the QED at Shenstone Village Hall a few years ago. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your talents.”

Mary from Shropshire:

“I really enjoyed the two sessions and have learnt so much. I play the CDs regularly and have found enormous benefit - thank you.”

Ann from Oxford:

“Please would you send me a copy of the 'Sacred Chants' CD and book. I've enclosed a cheque. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course in July, it was really opening for me and I feel like it's the beginning of a pathway from which I will gain much.”

“I thought you might like to know one effect of your chakra meditation / healing tape. I played it to my husband (he's done a fair bit of martial arts and meditation) he started off being a bit jokey but by the end he was toning away with tears pouring down his cheeks and he said he'd never come across anything so pure and natural.”

“I've been struggling with illness over the last year and have felt increasingly silent. I find that toning is stabilising me somehow and giving me some much-needed confidence. I hope your trip to Canada is a success. I really appreciate what you do.”

Usaff from Sydney, Australia:

“We spoke on the phone in March when you were here in Sydney. I was the one with the vocal blocks, as you picked up on the phone. Because of this I was always reluctant to use the phone and preferred email or writing, and my social life was hampered a little. For the past six weeks I've been practising the laughing segment on your CD about twice a week, each time practising it twice or three times in a row.

Guess what? I think the blocks are clearing. I'm finding I'm not hesitating to use the phone and I'm not blocking up noticeably, or at all. I'm a member of a couple of laughing clubs in Sydney, so that helped with the practice. I intend to keep up with the practice and see where it takes me.”

Anne from Surrey:

“I've been doing chakra chanting and find when I sit cross-legged my left knee doesn't hurt now! I need to use my voice - living alone and not singing with a group I only sing in the car on long journeys which are infrequent.”


Mandy from Cornwall:

“I really enjoyed your article in Positive Health this May, and would love info re the UK Sound Healers Association.”